About Us

Gail Partridge  Assoc CIPD

Principal Coach and Consultant

“I am a TTI Insights Behavioural Assessment Practitioner, ICF and EMCC approved Executive Coach Organisational Development and Coaching Professional.

I have been an organisational development specialist and performance coach for over 20 years and has experience at all levels of organisations. 

With a vast background in leadership and organisational development, I use a very practical approach to developing Leadership capability to lead high performing teams and deliver strategic plans without comprising organisational and personal values.

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I have designed and delivered sustainable leadership and performance management programmes in organisations by developing simple processes and engaging leaders and individuals through effective employee engagement and development approaches. My passion for creating space, for effective development and coaching, motivates people to engage with the organisation, understand and reach their full potential.

My areas of specialism are:-

• Leadership Development
• Executive and Performance Coaching
• Employee Engagement
• Performance Delivery and Management Programmes
• Talent Management and Succession Planning

My business experience has been in leading large operational teams. My role as Global Customer Service Manager for British Airways Executive Club has meant that I have worked with many different cultures and backgrounds.

My experience stretches across many sectors and organisations including airline, financial services, and media.

I have had extensive training and development to ensure I'm qualified to work with organisations using the latest developments as well as my own innovative approach to leadership and coaching. I hold a post-graduate diploma in Human Resource Management, through Manchester University Open Learning, am a member of CIPD and have an Advanced Professional Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development. I am also a fully qualified Executive and Performance Coach certified through Strathclyde University.”

Our Team

We work with a pool of associates ranging from Financial Directors, Human Resource Experts, Organisational Development Experts and Customer Experience Gurus. Our team all have over 20 years’ experience in businesses of all sizes and can bring that knowledge and practice to you.

The team we deploy depends on your needs, we make sure that we bring the best fit resource to your project.

Our offering to you is available on line or face to face.

Companies we are proud to have worked with

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