February 9

Bring the light a little bit closer . . .


‘We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel’ words we have heard very often over the past few weeks since the vaccine started to become more widely rolled out.

My dad had has first vaccine yesterday.  My mum has an appointment next week to ‘get her jag’ as we say here in Scotland.  I am truly grateful for these 2 events and look forward to receiving my letter too.   It feel like we are bringing the light a little closer.

On the other hand, there is still a long way to go and what does it all look like as we start to emerge into the brightness?

When talking to people in all different roles and in all different businesses, there is a real mixture of feelings around what this new world of work will look like.  

I am hearing some people say, we are going to a full working from home model, to,  we going to have a hybrid way of working, some from home and some from the office.  I have also been a customer on the phone to some of our contact centre workers and asked them how they feel. 

Interestingly, very few people have said “I love this” and “I want to stay like this”.   The majority of people I have spoken to have missed the human interaction, the feeling of team, the watercooler catch ups that have become another Teams/Zoom call in the diary.   We are in a world where we have to book time to speak to someone, when you used to just nip over to their desk.

So, as leaders, we have a real challenge on our hands.   As we bring the light a little closer, how are we making decisions about how the future will be.  How are we going to overcome the

“I feel isolated, I have no one to ask questions to”

“I can’t make a distinction between work and home”

“My bedroom has now become my workplace. I struggle to switch off”

“I am on Zoom calls all day and do my work at night”

Or even the

“I love it, I would be happy never to step into an office again”

Are we asking the people what they want, is that even an option to ask as budgets and other factors may be making the decisions for us?

There is no ‘one size fits all’.

Everyone is different and has their own ‘wonky’ way of working and the with the new future we have an opportunity to embrace all the ‘wonkiness’ and create a model where people work when they are at their best.  

Can we break the  9 to 5 (I wish, I hear you say it’s more like 8 until 8 at the moment)?

There are lots of questions that still need answers and lots of things we do not know in terms of timing and how we bring people back from this.

If long distance leadership is what we need going forward,  start thinking  now and developing our current and future leaders to be able to create the culture and the climate to help our people to be their best in whatever scenario we end up with.

At PGZ, we are on the front foot with this and already working on programmes for long distance leaders to help organisations create the right cultural blueprint for their teams and their businesses to thrive.

As we bring the light a bit closer, why don’t you chat to us and we can work together in creating the way forward for your long distance, short distance and hybrid leaders to navigate towards the brightness.

Contact us at info@pgzconsulting.co.uk or visit www.pgzconsulting.co.uk

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