July 20

Disaster Thinking and the Power of Coaching


On the 16th of March this year, the world hit me with a bang. That wee virus that everyone was going on about was real and it was in the UK. I was in Sunderland about to start a day’s training with 30 delegates in a smallish room and was the only person staying in a 150-bedroom hotel. My disaster thinking kicked in big style.

I have parents over 70, one of whom has health issues, I have a 15-year-old daughter and a husband who is a key worker. I needed to be home in Stirling with my family. I did the first training session that morning and by lunchtime the news started to come out that there were to be no external visitors on site. I could go home. To be fair, I was going home anyway.

On the way home, I listened to the news, and the disaster thinking went mental. What will happen to my parents, what will the impact be on my daughter Zoe, Paul being a key worker and no matter what he had to be at work everyday (that is if he didn’t get the virus).

Then the realisation kicked in that this business, I had worked so hard to build and the work I absolutely love doing could all go down the tubes. This led to losing my house and all the other things I could possibly scare myself witless with.

It is amazing what you can dream up when you are driving for three hours.

By the time I arrived at my daughter’s school, I was in tatters.

I phoned my coach and that conversation changed everything when she asked me “How is giving yourself the label of disaster thinker serving you?”

Clearly it is not.


So here it is the power of coaching.

During lockdown, through the support I have had through coaching, I have been able to achieve some amazing things and serve my clients in new ways.

Through coaching and having the space to think, I have been able to unlock potential I have been holding inside due to the interfering worry that can cripple productivity and creativity.

The most powerful part of coaching for me (apart from the lightbulb moment on disaster thinking) has been taking time out, lifting my head up and being challenged to really think about how I can take my business into the future.

The most enlightening thing about all of it was that I had to take a step back and practice what I preach. When you read my website, you see all services we offer that help businesses reach their full potential.

I applied them to my business and with my coach was able to create a proposition and a marketing strategy to help me build and grow.

We discussed the types of work I love doing and the clients I serve best. She encouraged me to think about the opportunities that I have in front of me.

I have worked hard on my business and not always in my business.

Using the GROW model, I was able to focus on

Goal – What does PGZ want to do and who do we want to work with?

Reality – What is our current reality and what is really working for us now?

Options – What options do we have?

What next? – What are the commitments we will make going forward.

Pretty simple eh? When we ask ourselves these questions, we only scrape the surface. The power of coaching is that it challenges you to think deeper and remove any interference (stuff that gets in the way and self-limiting beliefs) so that you can realise the full potential of you and your goals.

Performance = Potential – Interference.

Spending an hour every 2 weeks with my coach has given me the power, passion, and purpose to stretch my self and change that disaster thinking into opportunity thinking.

I have spent some quality time with my daughter and have been able to support my shielding parents in a way that ‘disaster thinking’ would never let me. Don’t get me wrong I am not completely cured, now when it happens I hear my coach saying “How is giving yourself the label of disaster thinker serving you?”. It is not and I can change my tact.

I love coaching my clients and I love to see what they achieve from the work we do, I have found the most powerful impact is when I experience what they experience and the difference that makes.

Investing in me and my business is the best thing I could have done over this crazy period.

Another bonus is that because I have changed the way I approach my days; my clients are feeling the benefit too. Oh, and I have picked up new business.

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