March 29

Get Better, Not Bitter


Do you ever have days when your job feels like pushing treacle up a hill? You might be doing more sighing than smiling. More can’t be bothered than let’s get going.

Well, here is the thing. You have a choice.

I have started listening to more and more podcasts lately and they do provide me with some inspiration – might even start to do them myself. There was one last week where they were talking about leadership and how people show up. The line that stuck out for me in this particular podcast was

Get better, not bitter

I smiled when they said it and thought, now there it is. As simple as that.

The last 2 years have been a hard slog and we have become used to working in isolation, remotely and our only interaction with each other was over Teams, Zoom or Google Meet or my least favourite communication in the world, email. We had an excuse to be a bit bitter, the world was not a great place to be. We could argue, it still isn’t. But bitterness is very boring for you, if you feel it, and for the others round about you who spend time with you.

So, this is where the get better, not bitter bit comes in. If we are bitter, fed up and down we can be very drained and draining. Nothing seems to go right, always the same old same old.

That is what bitter looks and sounds like.

What if we chose better?

It’s all about visibility and impact. When people see you coming what do they say? Is it?“Heads down everybody, here comes the mood hoover”


“Great to see you, I was hoping you would pop by”

Better looks like these easy steps

  1. Make your bed every morning and open your blinds, curtains – first task of the day completed to perfection
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror each morning and say – How am I going to show up today?
  3. Make a conscious choice around your mindset – who is turning up when you walk through the double doors (I call this the ‘Tonight Matthew moment’ if you know, you know)
  4. Smile and say hello to everyone you see – that is massive
  5. And when you feel a bit of bitterness setting in ask yourself the question – What can I (yes you) do to make this situation better?

The difference you will see is huge.

We are beginning to spend more time face to face again. Social interaction is one of our basic needs.

Will you choose Bitter or Better?

If you are struggling to get out the ‘bitter’, I’d love to chat to you to see how I can help. Contact me through Linkedin or

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