Be all you can be
with all that you have

Performance Coaching and Development tailored to you and your business.

Are you living to work or working to live? Are you denying your personality to fit a mould?

Do you ever wonder Why won’t people follow me? Why are they not understanding me? Why am I getting so frustrated?

Do you know how emotionally intelligent you are? Do you understand your own emotional capital?

When you really understand your head, your heart and trust your intuition you can be a powerhouse.

You are unique. All your idiosyncrasies and wonky bits can be your strengths. Be bold. Be you.

Using the UNIQUE framework for success we can work together to give you the balance you need to be successful in life and work.

“Unless I am myself I am nobody” Virginia Woolf

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Do you use these 6 simple steps to Employee Engagement and High Performance?

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Executive & Performance Coaching

Explore fresh approaches to new and existing situations using your untapped potential in a safe place outside the busy work environment. Self-actualisation for individuals or teams.

Leadership Development Programmes

Lead for performance with optimism and empathy using skills and practical tools for the everyday work environment.


Create a climate for success with clarity. Engage your team for a sustainable increase in performance by aligning capability processes and frameworks.

Executive &
Performance Coaching

Head - Heart - Intuition
Together we can unleash your potential to be all you can be with all that you have.

We follow a process

  • Identifying what really frustrates you and interferes with you performing at your best
  • Online psychometric evaluations unlock a deeper understanding of your style and your emotional capital
  • Gain an understanding of the relationships you are navigating
  • Acquire tools to bring about your desired performance outcomes
  • Together we build a bespoke package to suit your needs
  • Continue with monthly coaching conversations to guide and evaluate your growth

Coaching in-game
Sometimes clients can benefit from the coach being right by your side while you are doing what you do and coaching you in ‘real time’, noticing when interference takes place.

Performance = Potential - Interference


Leading for Great Performance

Our Leadership Development Programmes are designed to give leaders the skills and practical tools that can be used in an everyday work environment. We focus leading and managing teams to create the right conditions for great performance. Our programmes cover The Fundamentals of Leadership and Management, Creating Clarity For Great Results, Great Performance Conversations and Leading in and Ever Changing World.



Creating a Climate for Success in your Company

We help you

  • Create a compelling story to engage your people with your vision and purpose
  • Implement a 6-point framework to support you on your journey
  • Identify the capabilities required for success. What you need to build, buy and bounce
  • Make your vision clear, clarity brings a 36% uplift in performance
  • Identify the behaviours that will set you up for success
  • Create the desire in your people to achieve the vision
  • Have great performance conversations
  • Unleash the creativity in your people - you don’t need to have all the answers

Chemistry call

Do you feel you have the answers but other stuff is just getting in the way?

I can help you see the wood from the trees so you blossom. I will challenge you and support you to be all that you can be with all that you have.

Useful Tools & Tips for Better Business

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What they say

I have worked closely with Gail for several years in an executive coaching capacity. The organisation I work for faced several fundamental strategic challenges and my role as CFO / COO was key in deriving and then delivering a revised strategy. Culturally, the organisation was very resistant to change. I needed Gail’s help to step back, reflect on how to approach certain issues and modify my style to ensure I took the key stakeholders with me.

Gail has been invaluable on this “journey”. Gail is incredibly professional and diligent; always able to immediately demonstrate or reinforce key points / areas of focus with theoretical models (but explained in real practical terms) and recommend useful reading materials. Aside from Gail’s professionalism her approach is the aspect that makes things so effective: there is a refreshing no nonsense, tell it how it is style but also an infectious but genuine positivity and enthusiasm.

Gail has been a genuine trusted advisor to me and I simply would not have achieved what I did in this role without her support. Given the tangible value Gail can add I would have no hesitation in recommending her . . . other than selfishly hoping she does not become too busy as a result!

Smith & Williamson

PGZ worked with Tissue Regenix through our business planning process and provided us with expertise that relevant to a small business, listened to what we actually needed and translate this into clear actions to drive our business forward.

Tissue Regenix

What you offer is priceless.

WMQ Building Services

Companies I am proud to have worked with

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