Your Coach Gail Partridge

Gail Partridge  Assoc CIPD

Principal Coach and Consultant

Hi I am Gail.
I am an organisation and talent development specialist and a self-actualisation coach.

I do what I do because we live in a constantly changing world, and 70% of what organisations set out to do fails to reach its full potential. This is because the essential elements employee engagement, management support and communication are often missing.

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There are 2 sides to what I do.
The first is I work with organisations to support them and their teams to create the conditions for High Performance and Embedding Change.

The second is I work with individuals who want more from themselves and to be ‘all that they can with all that they have’ for a successful life and career. It’s all about unleashing the potential of your head, your heart and using your intuition - bringing your whole self with skill.

My work centres around having some kick-ass strategies and tried and tested tools to support people to perform at their best.

I am a certified Performance Coach through Strathclyde University and a Behavioural Analyst with accreditations in TTI Success Insight Colour Energies and Roche Martin Emotional Capital.

I have over 20 years of experience in leading large operational teams and bringing vision and strategy to life through engaging others in my very straightforward Glaswegian way.

I pride myself in being ‘right by my client’s side’ working on their business and in their business to support them as a coach and trusted adviser.

I am available face to face or online - whatever works for you!

Companies I am proud to have worked with

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